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West Santa Ana Branch Transit Corridor



LA County Metro


Lisa Padilla, Christina Hon, Michael Nájera

WSP (Prime)



EIR Study

The West Santa Ana Branch (WSAB) Transit Corridor is one of twelve transit projects funded by Measure R and will connect numerous cities in the southeast county with Downtown LA and points beyond. Cityworks Design is providing urban design leadership on the proposed 20-mile light rail transit alignment as a subconsultant to WSP.  Work includes an Urban Design Report, design and access concepts, station area planning, northern alignment alternatives analysis, coordination with Metro's transit-oriented communities strategic plan team, and facilitating design discussions at community meetings.

Connection Study

Cityworks Design provided urban design services to WSP on study that looked at the WSAB corridor in relation to the Eastside Transit Corridor Phase 2. Lisa and team provided urban design input, graphic maps and other illustrations.

Technical Refinement Study

During this phase of work Cityworks Design developed urban design & architectural studies for select station areas, and created maps, diagrams and an illustrative final report.  Work focused on specific technical issues that needed further analysis after the SCAG-funded Alternatives Analysis was completed.